side effects of kapalbhati and anulom vilom

old a notebook, with a posture of the moment. I like to choose a posture of the week, something that I saw in class and that I want to work – often something seen too quickly and that I want to deepen. By choosing this posture, I search on the internet if I find demo videos, I note tips in my notebook. And then I get started, always starting with stretching, some greetings to the sun to increase the heart rate, a series of abs to heat the “center” and then various preparatory postures to do the posture of the week. Learn about the side effects of kapalbhati and anulom vilom.

For example, my posture of the week right now is Bhujapidasana, which requires pelvic opening, flexibility at the back of the thighs and a firm support on the wrists. All I do in my practice before arriving at Bhujapidasana will be to warm up, to prepare my body for this posture with preparatory postures that involve all these elements. Hence the importance of going to class, to know a certain number of postures, to know how to warm up, to progress without getting hurt.
Having a “goal” may seem contradictory to the state of mind of yoga that is more in the process than in the end result, but I’m just saying that choosing a particular posture for a moment is a way to vary the sequences . And then, if I “can not do it,” I move on.

Yoga bear for beginners

Yoga postures (also called Asanas) and the specific sequence of yogic exercises are particularly apt to untie all tensions in the body. Yoga postures relax by a series of contractions and systematic stretching. This results in deep relaxation.
Buch Einführung in Yoga

We will now introduce you to a typical beginner’s course and some of the health effects of each yoga posture. Ideally, the beginner should learn the postures from an experienced teacher. Books such as Body and Mind Yoga can provide valuable insights for practicing yoga at home.

Duration: about 45 minutes
Initial relaxation
Savasana – relaxation yoga

At the beginning of the yoga class, the student is lying on his back in relaxation posture and breathing deeply before being guided through active relaxation, during which each part of the course is first contracted then relaxed. This combination of deep breathing and active relaxation helps calm the mind and dissolve bodily tension – an ideal start for every yoga class!
4-6 slow sun salutations

The sun salutation, a classic sequence of twelve yoga postures, is a dynamic and warm exercise practiced at the beginning of each yoga class. Dozens of muscles are stretched and strengthened during this yoga exercise.
Intermediate relaxation
Intermediate Yoga-Relaxation

Between two postures, the beginner relaxes in his yoga class while lying on his back, in posture of relaxation. He can breathe deeply and feel the positive effects of the previous posture.