How yoga helps in daily life


At Education Bradford, we think that Yoga can be an extremely useful tool in order to relax, slow down and start enjoying your life. In fact, not only that, but overtime, I believe that it is even likely that it can increase your lifespan. So read below, and except from a site we found on Yoga.

Find how how yoga helps in daily life

Yoga as a regular practice helps in daily life as it brings balance, relaxation, discipline, health, happiness, and a sense of peace to everything in our lives. The understanding of yoga philosophy also helps in making relationships stronger as the philosophy of yoga talks a lot about uniting and connecting with people. It talks about humility and letting go of the ego. This paves the way for the forging of strong relationships.

Balance, relaxation, and discipline

Practicing yoga brings balance into our lives. This sense of balance is brought about through balancing postures, pranayama or breathing techniques (specifically a technique called anulomaviloma breathing, which encourages an equal balance between energy channels on the left and right side of the body) and meditation. Balancing postures such as garudasana or bakasana help you focus on ajna chakra (a point of energy according to ancient texts, which is located at the forehead, and is specific to balance between our left and right sides) and hence bring balance into your day to day life.