bhastrika pranayama benefits

YogaFit ™ is for everyone and for all bodies. Created by Beth Shaw, YogaFit ™ is designed to improve health, performance and mental acuity. YogaFit ™ is based on the ancient science of hatha yoga that includes balance, strength, power, all delivered in a physical training format. YogaFit ™ masters the mystery of yoga by delivering an easy, accessible, understandable and feasible practice for people of all fitness levels. The YogaFit ™ style reduces the risk of injury and helps cure ailments such as stress, low back pain and tension. Learn moe about what are the bhastrika pranayama benefits  now.



What is YogaFit ™?

YogaFit ™ Instructor Training

At YogaFit ™, we continue to provide training for instructors who are interested in creating classes that include the aspect of modern fitness and that go beyond the basic criteria of yoga. YogaFit ™ is gaining popularity in sports centers around the world as it is accessible to people of all ages and all types of bodies. YogaFit ™ is a great tool for those who want to acquire body strength and mental clarity. YogaFit ™ offers trainings and workshops across Canada in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary. We offer instructors a variety of training courses from basic levels to highly specialized levels. Our Level 1 instructor training provides instructors with the tools to create vinyasa yoga classes. These classes are based on the fluidity of movement while respecting the principles of safety and the science of physical activity. The techniques taught include physical performances, transitions, variations in traditional yoga poses with an emphasis on efficiency and safety.

At YogaFit ™, we teach teachers the skills that can not be found elsewhere. Our program was created for the reality of the fitness and health industry – we believe yoga is for everyone!